How We Are Different

When most people think of going to talk to a lawyer, they think of a sometimes scary, and more likely than not, formal process. Images of John Haussmann in The Paperchase, or Al Pacino in the Devil’s Advocate come to mind. Well, we will have none of that here.

We pride ourselves on being extremely approachable and friendly. We’re here to help you accomplish your goals, not ours. We are not here to simply provide you with a set of documents that may or may not accomplish your goals. The vast majority of our work is done on a flat fee basis, you’ll know exactly what you will be charged, and you will never have to pay for things you don’t need or questions that you might have. Will we will spend time learning about you and your situation, and work with you to create a real-world plan that will not only ensure that all of your wishes are followed, but give you the peace of mind of knowing that you have protected your love ones in the very best way possible.

When we’re done, you will have everything you need signed, notarized, and presented in an organized binder. But that’s not the end of the story. You’ll have the opportunity to meet with us every three years at no additional charge. Again, will review your situation and make sure that your plan still makes sense for your life. If everything is good, will send you on your way and look forward to seeing you again in another three years. If your circumstances have changed, and we need to make adjustments to your estate plan, will review those with you at that time. You’ll never see a surprise charge, or get an unexpected bill in the mail.