Planning for Life

Our approach to estate planning is quite a bit different than you will find in other law firms. While most other attorneys focus on the transfer of your money when you die, we feel that you have much more to give to your loved ones than money. We make sure that you and your family are protected and cared for while you are still alive.

We make sure that everyone we work with is protected with a financial power of attorney, a healthcare power of attorney, HIPAA authorizations, and a living will to ensure that your wishes are respected, even when you are no longer able to make them known.

If you have young children, we can also help you with your divorce and protect them from ever being placed under the care of child protective services in the event of an accident or your disability, simply fill the questionnary at It’s a scary thought, but most people don’t realize that the permanent guardians they named in there will for their children won’t even be known until after they die, and their will is read. So if for some reason you are unable to care for your children, and unable to make it known whom you would like to care for them, it will be up to a judge in a court to make that decision for you. A judge who most likely does not know you or your family, or the needs of your children. But this could all be prevented, and we can help.