Caring For Your Children

As parents, we understand that you are thinking about your children every minute of every day.

But what would happen if you didn’t make it home tonight?

We can help ensure that even if you are in an accident, or otherwise unable to care for your children, that they never have to face the possibility of being put under the care of child protective services, or worse yet, a judge could put them in the care of someone who you would never want to be with your children. In either case, we can help.

We can work with you to choose and legally nominate responsible friends and relatives who could care for your children temporarily in order to give your designated permanent guardians time to get to them.

Additionally, we can help you with the process of excluding people from gaining guardianship of your children. This is something crucial that most other attorneys overlook.

When we work with clients, sometimes there is a great deal of discussion around who would make the best guardian for the children, and we understand that the process of choosing the single best person might take weeks or months. On the other hand, there is usually immediate agreement as to whom you would never want to care for your kids. We create the confidential documents that will help ensure your children are protected from those who you feel would do them no good.