Levels of Planning

At Godorov & Nesevich we understand that not every estate plan will look the same. That is why we offer three levels of estate planning services.

First, for those with less complex needs, we offer a will based estate plan. You get the same personalized service as all of our clients, but without the expense of estate planning work that is beyond the scope of your needs.

Next, we offer a trust-based estate planning to those who situation may require either greater privacy, or protection for their loved ones. We have also found trust-based estate planning to be useful for clients who wish to plan for their own incapacity or the special needs of their loved ones. This level of estate planning greatly simplifies life when the time comes that you no longer feel you are able to care for yourself. We create the plan, and guide you through its administration.

Finally, for those with estate plans of the most complex nature, or clients who wish for us to do all of their administrative work for them, we offer a trust-based plan with a full funding and administration option.

Since every family is unique, we also offer a host of other more specialized estate planning services, including:

• Irrevocable life insurance trusts
• Qualified personal residence trusts
• Grantor retained annuity trusts
Family limited partnerships
• Special needs trusts
• Asset protection trusts
• Pet trusts, and more